CHSP Certification Exam Guidelines

Exam Process

After completing HSA University or Ascend, you will receive the following information.

  1. Link to the certification exam
  2. User name and password that will allow you to access the exam

The exam will give you one question at a time. At any time during the exam, you may return to a question and change your answer. The exam is scored immediately upon completion.

Specific Exam Guidelines

You have 30 days following the completion of HSA University or Ascend to complete the exam.

The exam consists of a pool of 80 questions. Your exam will have 50 questions from the pool to answer and you will have 2 hours to complete the exam.

Passing Score
A passing score is 80 percent or greater. If a passing score is not achieved, you will be eligible to retake the exam 30 days from the date of the original exam date. The exam retake fee is $299

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