Professional Development

Earning and maintaining an industry designation demonstrates both your dedication to learning and your commitment to your career.

We help you succeed

We offer three IRA designations, an HSA designation, and support continuing education for over 20 industry designations.

CIS certifications

The Certified IRA Specialist (CIS) I and II certifications demonstrate proficiency in a variety of basic and advanced IRA transactions including contributions, rollovers, distributions, death claims, reporting, and more.

CIP designation

The Certified IRA Professional (CIP) designation is a well-respected benchmark of experience, dedication, and distinction in the IRA industry.

CISP Designation

The Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) designation gives you formal recognition of meeting the IRA industry's standards of experience, knowledge, and performance.

CHSP Designation

The Certified Health Savings Professional (CHSP) designation sets an industry standard in HSA expertise on a variety of HSA transactions including establishment, contributions, distributions, reporting, and portability.

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