CIS Certification

The Certified IRA Specialist I (CIS I) and Certified IRA Specialist II (CIS II) demonstrate proficiency on basic IRA transactions.

Earn an IRA designation

Earning and maintaining a professional certification is not only an excellent way to obtain proficiency, it's also a visible reminder of your dedication to your career.

We submit our training programs for numerous IRA designations and certifications, and we’re recognized as a professional continuing education sponsor. We offer the opportunity for Ascend, Virtual Compliance and Education Summit or IRA University participants to earn the Certified IRA Specialist (CIS) designation.

Certified IRA Specialist I (CIS I)

The CIS I designation demonstrates proficiency in completing basic IRA transactions. Topics include opening IRAs, contributions, distributions, federal tax withholding, and basic IRA tax reporting.

Certified IRA Specialist II (CIS II)

The CIS II designation demonstrates expertise in a variety of advanced IRA transactions—excess contributions, recharacterizations, rollovers and transfers, required minimum distributions, conversions, beneficiary claim processes, and withholding.

How Do I Become a CIS?

CIS I Exam Guidelines

CIS II Exam Guidelines

How Do I Maintain My CIS Certification?

Is the CIS Designation Right for Me?

  • Operations personnel
  • Marketing directors
  • IRA product managers
  • Compliance personnel
  • Database specialists
  • Retail and branch managers
  • Training specialists
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